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This page explains who can join Boar's Head Boat Club and how — and lists those who already have!

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Membership is open only to oarsmen who have gained a First Lent, First May, or Henley colour representing QCBC (see Constitution). Annual membership fees are:

  • for oarsmen who are no longer students at Queens': £10
  • for oarsmen who are still students at Queens': £5

If you would like to join please contact the Club Captain. Cheques should be made payable to 'Boar's Head Boat Club'.

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Current Members

Here is a list of current members, the colours they have gained, and their current whereabouts.

BHBC Member Queens' Colours Residing
Acher, Pete L1996, M1996 ?
Baker, James (TBC) ?
Bellingham, Paul L1998, M1998, M1999 ?
Burstall, Olly L1998, M1998, L1999, M1999 Peterborough
Clarke, Dave Honorary Member Cambridge
Clarke, Sam (TBC) Cambridge
Collingwood, Clennell (TBC) Cambridge
Cooper, Simon L1996, M1996, L1998 Nottingham
D'Cruz, Christian (TBC) Cambridge
Davidoff, Paul (TBC) ?
Eason, Ed L1997, M1997, H1997, L1998, M1998, H1998 Sydney
Shelli Farhadian (TBC) Boston
Grant, Calum L1995, M1995, H1995, L1996, M1996, M1997 Cambridge
Hall, Ruth M1994, L1995, M1995, H1995, L1997, M1997, H1997 London
Harpur, George L1995, H1995, L1996 Cambridge
Kirton, Jim L1998, M1998, H1998 Cambridge
Jaggard, Matt H1998, L1999, M1999, M2000 Nottingham
Lloyd, Phil M1999, L2000, M2000 Cambridge — student
Majithia, Shailen L1996, M1996, M1998, H1998 London
Morris, Olie L1998, H1998, L1999 London
Muir, Ross L1999, L2000, M2000 Cambridge — student
Murray, Chaz L1997, M1997, H1997 London
Peasey, Sonja Honorary Member London
Rollingson, Tim (TBC) Cambridge
Scott, Sally-Ann H1998 London
Stone, Howard L1994, M1994, H1994, L1995, L1996, M1996, M1998, M1999, H1998, L1999 Caterham
Sylvester-Bradley, Gareth L1997, H1998 Basingstoke
Webb, John L1992, L1993, M1993, H1993 London

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Competing with BHBC — Making Donations to QCBC

Before you race for BHBC, please do the following:

  • If you are not already a member, contact the Club Captain to arrange membership.
  • As all the events we enter are A.R.A. status, you will need to arrange or renew A.R.A. membership. The quickest way to do this is to fax a completed registration form to the A.R.A. on 0181 741 4658. Add a note if you need your membership card in less than two weeks. You can download this form from the Membership Services section of the A.R.A. website — also available from BHBC either as a Microsoft Word Document or as an Adobe PDF Document (generated 17 November 199) which can be downloaded (or viewed on-line with the appropriate browser plug-in).
  • Buy some BHBC race kit for yourself. You can usually obtain kit within 10 working days if you order by telephone. In the summer we race wearing all-in-ones, but in the winter we also race in the long sleeve tops.
  • Contact the Club Captain stating
    • the event you would like to enter
    • your A.R.A. membership number
    • your date of birth
    • your points status
    • your preferred racing format (eg 2x, IV, VIII, sculling/strokeside/bowside/cox)
  • Have a Top Level event!

Please also take note of the insurance arrangements.

Each time you race, BHBC will require you to pay for the cost of your seat, together with a donation of about £10 for each day or weekend as it may be (but not for each seat) that you are using equipment belonging to QCBC.

This donation is usually divided equally between the current QCBC Committee and the Queens' College Union (this is the fund from which the College purchases new equipment).

Members who are still students at Queens' will not be expected to make a donation.

The arrangement is attractive as the more you race for BHBC, the more money you donate to your former boat club! If you would like to make a larger donation, please contact Shailen Majithia.

In the club's first two years, members raised over £1000 for QCBC and the College Union Boat and Oar Fund simply by competing for BHBC.

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